New Service Request

Welcome to the White Hills Water Company located in White Hills Community 55 miles north of Kingman, Arizona and east of Highway 93. We serve the areas of Golden Horseshoe Ranchos 1, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Congratulations on your new home or business. WHWC looks forward to providing water service for you. The applications and fees are required prior to connecting water service to a new property. You can click on Water Availabilty tab above and see if water is in front of your property.

At the bottom of this page is a link to the New Service Application. Click and when the application appears right click and select print form the menu. Then fill out and answer all areas of the application, then mail it to White Hills Water Company, Inc. P.O. Box 30626 Mesa, AZ 85275.  Don't forget to include all deposits and monies required to complete the application. When the application and monies are received and approved we will install your water as soon as possible Monday thru Friday.


  • If a  meter box already exists on the property the hook-up fee still applies to lot.  All newly served properties must pay the new hook-up fee. This fee is used to support the infrastructure of the water infrastructure such as wells, tanks, pumps, pressure sysems, and water mains, etc. If a meter is present, service is normally established within 5 days.
  • If a meter box is not present, it may take up to 3 weeks to schedule installation of a new water service oline off the main and install a meter and box. WHWC schedules most installations for the 2nd Monday of the month. However, we must receive the application and fees no later than the 1st Monday of the month in order to process and order the installation. Otherwise, your connection will be schedules for the following month.
  • WHWC determines the location of the water meter.
  • The customer is responsible for installation and connection of the water line from the meter box to the facility being served.
  • The customer must provide and maintain a private shut-off valve that is installed within 18 inches of the meter on the customers side of the meter.
  • A customer may be required to install a backflow preventer assembly.
  • It suggested that the customer install a simple check valve to prevent their hot water heater from draining should there be a loss of pressure in our WHWC lines. We are not responsiblity for any damages caused by loss of pressure. So please install a simple check valve and a cut off valve on your side of the meter..
  • There are a few streets in the service area where the mains are curently shut off and it may take additional time to establish ervice to these properties. Contact WHWC for more information.



Print the application and request disconnect. Fill it out completely and then mail or email it to ( tor mail it o the office Water will not be connected without a complete application and the necessary funds.

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